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"Nightmare Sonata’s raucous show makes for a damn good time...."

J. Chapa - Charleston City Paper

“Nightmare Sonata was fast and irreverent. Their look reminds you of voodoo and the macabre. Their sound was a mix of punk and goth. I fell in love with them right away. I couldn't keep still. They are an exciting band with amazing energy.”

Elaine Hatchell - Music Insomniac

“Best Soundtrack – Cool As Hell I think it’s safe to say that a James Balsamo movie is going to win in this category every year he makes one. The theme song by the almighty Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space would clinch the win by itself, but the movie also features tunes by The Other, Nightmare Sonata, Order of the Fly, and Calabrese to name just a few. The man has great taste in music.”

Nathan Hamilton - Son of Celluloid

“Wading Into the Darkness to Stand in the Light”

Deacon Grey - The Graveyard Press






The Reverend Benjamin Samedi formed Nightmare Sonata in 2004 out of the broken remnants of Greensboro, NC’s Gothic-Industrial and Punk rock scenes for the sole purpose of attracting sexual partners and venting his STD induced rage. The original line up consisted of a lap top computer and a mannequin he stole from a local Hot Topic, brought to life with magical voodoo hair spray, and taught to play keyboards. After divorcing his first ex wife and contracting what has only been referred to as "Rock 'N' Roll Herpes", Benjamin Samedi as ordained as a Reverend in the Universalist Life Church. He decided to reformat Nightmare Sonata with new members. It was at this time that he taught himself to sing and play guitar so he could compose the second half of Nightmare Sonata's catalogue. 

Nightmare Sonata has become known in the region for an intense and often graphic stage presence coupled with a dark and heavy sound. The band has toured extensively throughout the Southeast region and became an act to catch live due to the heavy grooves, Samedi’s melodic vocals (rare for punk) as well as the horror-themed theatrics. Nightmare Sonata takes pride in being the worlds only voodoo-horror-punk band.



Label / Decayed Angel Productions
Management / Jennifer Rothrock
Booking / Jennifer Rothrock
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